Yesterday and today collide…

Kathi and David….Shari and Baver. The lives of two sets of people converge in this taut suspense from Joanne Fluke.

When Kathi, a student at UC Berkley, starts having nightmares in the weeks before election day in her father’s campaign for senate, she thinks it might be the pressure of keeping the fact she’s living with David off-campus coupled with the stress of exams. Boyfriend and psychology student David is very concerned as Kathi’s behavior becomes more erratic and he attempts to help her find her equilibrium.

Shari and brother Baver were orphans separated by Baver’s adoption as a baby, while Shari stayed with her loving foster parents.

When Shari and Kathi were children, they were involved in the same train derailment, and that episode seems to be what links these four people in this drama that will keep you turning the pages as the mystery intensifies to the climactic ending.

4 stars