American Dr. Emilia McRoy is settling in and Sea Isle, Scotland is beginning to feel like home. And she’s delighted to be invited to the wedding of her friend Angie at Corrigan Castle, owned by local Constable Ewan Campbell. 

As everyone gets ready for the three-day wedding party, a snowstorm closes in on the area, trapping all the guests at the castle with someone with murder in mind. And the police can’t get to them until the storm stops and the roads are cleared. So it’s up to Emilia and Ewan, along with their friends, to find the killer before she or he strikes again. 

This book has a lot of characters to get to know, but each contributes to the storyline. There’s plenty of atmosphere with the whole cast trapped in a castle by a storm as a murderer stalks their ranks. The author builds the tension well and provides lots of clues and red herrings to keep you guessing as you read. 

4 stars