Winona Mae Montgomery and her Granny Smythe have worked hard and the family apple orchard in Blossom Valley, Virginia is now solvent. With the new addition of Winnie’s cider shop, she has the locals booking events, including a wedding she’s excited to cater.

Although everything seems to be going smoothly during the wedding celebration, there’s tension under the surface––the groom is drinking heavily, Winnie’s ex Hank is whispering with one of the bridesmaids, and then Hank is in a fracas with the groom shortly before the groom is found dead, cradled by the distraught bride, in front of the honeymoon getaway car. And Hank is on the run.

Winnie is determined to protect her cider shop’s reputation before locals start staying away in droves, so she’s on the trail of any clues she can discover to find out who murdered the groom, where Hank has run off to, and what part a disappearing bridesmaid has to play in the drama. Local sheriff Colton Wise would much prefer Winnie stay out of the investigation, but a some close personal calls keep her hand in it and Colton’s worry about her front and center.

Pulp Friction is filled with characters you’ll enjoy getting to know, a cider shop you’d love to visit and a mystery that will take all of Winnie’s best efforts to solve before the murderer strikes again.

4 stars