In this historical fiction based on a real person, Andrea Penrose brings Lady Hester Stanhope to life. Related to the famous political family, the Pitts, Hester is a debutante in the glittering, dazzling London of the turn of the nineteenth century.

But Hester is headstrong and refuses to bow to social convention, finding many of the requirements for a young lady too constricting for the life she wants to live. But living that life doesn’t come without complications and hurt, and Hester faces her share of both as she crafts the life that works for her.

The story is told in first person from Hester’s point of view and, while this is not my personal preferred POV, the author does a very good job of it.

Andrea Penrose brings to life many historical figures and takes you to a time with very different social conventions, introducing you to a woman willing to defy the norms.

4 stars