Freya Lockwood has been avoiding her past of antique hunting for twenty years, including the mentor she believed betrayed her resulting in the death of the man she loved so many years ago in Cairo. And it’s kind of worked for her. She has her beloved daughter, but her marriage is over. She has built a home she loves, but her ex is forcing its sale.

But her life is about to change forever. Freya’s Aunt Carole informs her that her former mentor Arthur Crockleford has died. Then Freya receives a letter from Arthur informing her she’s in danger. Was Arthur murdered? Why? How is it linked to Freya.

Suddenly, Freya, with Aunt Carole’s help, is following the clues left by Arthur to figure out who killed him and how it’s linked to her past. Finding Arthur’s journals and receipt of an invitation to an antiques fan weekend sets her back on the antiques hunting trail. Her skills are rusty and her confidence is shaky, but with perseverance both improve as Freya digs into discovering the past’s secrets.

Freya’s journey starts with her in a vulnerable state of mind with little self-confidence, but she grows and develops assurance in her own abilities, solving the mystery and understanding her own past much better.

3.5 stars