Has Melanie Travis put herself in mortal peril this time?

It looks like danger is closing in on Melanie as she takes on solving the murder of Victor Durbin when police put her Aunt Peg on their short list of suspects. Victor has crossed many people over the years, including her Aunt Peg, whose judging assignment at the famous Westminster Dog Show coincides with Victor’s murder at the show site.

As Melanie investigates, she discovers disturbing facts about Victor and his suspicious puppy café, unethical breeding practices and underhanded business dealings. She also finds out before he was expelled from their club, he was less than principled in his contact with women in Melanie and Peg’s beloved Paugussett Poodle Club. That behavior continued in the new Poodle club Victor founded.

There’s a full litter of suspects for Victor’s murder from his business partner to breeders he’s cheated to women he’s cornered. But someone was willing to make him pay the ultimate price…and Melanie may just be standing between that person and freedom.

Game of Dog Bones delivers everything you expect from author, Laurien Berenson. It’s an engaging read that touches on some very modern issues twisted together with a solid whodunit. Don’t miss a great read in this 25th Melanie Travis mystery.

5 stars