When Melanie Travis hits on the idea of a mystery book club, it’s a success, right from the get-go, even though Aunt Peg kind of co-ops it, inviting new members.

Then one of the newest members, Evan Major, is murdered, and Melanie finds herself in the middle of the investigation…as a suspect! Someone spotted her at the victim’s house around the time of his death. Even though Melanie was there to help Evan train his new puppy, she finds herself explaining her actions and is soon on the hunt for who killed him.

Tracing Evan’s mysterious background, Melanie discovers some shocking secrets, some potential killers and plenty of suspects to check out at the next Bite Club meeting. Will she figure out the answers before the police arrest Melanie for murder or the killer tries to silence her for good?

It’s always a delight to have the chance to review a new Melanie Travis mystery. There is the core group of human and canine characters we’ve come to know and love, plus Ms. Berenson provides an intriguing mystery and enough suspects and clues to keep you reading and trying to figure out who the culprit is.

Bite Club is the perfect read for a nice afternoon on the deck or curled up on the couch!

5 stars