You know when you open a Melanie Travis mystery by Laurien Berenson, you’re in for a good read…and Howloween Murder does not disappoint.

It’s almost Halloween and everyone at Howard Academy, where Melanie works, is looking forward to the school’s annual costume party. That is until the famous and popular marshmallow puffs made by the headmaster’s assistant Harriet Bloom end up as a murder weapon when her elderly neighbour is found dead with one of the puffs laced with cyanide. With the police looking straight at Harriet as the killer, she asks Melanie to help clear her name. But first Melanie has to get back all the puffs Harriet has given to the school (for the party), neighbours and friends.

But searching for answers leads to a neighbourhood rife with plenty of secrets, lots of gossip and a killer in their midst. And that killer is willing to strike again when Melanie starts to close in.

In addition to figuring out who the murderer is, you’ll get to spend time with Melanie, her family and their Standard Poodles, which is always like spending time with friends. Grab your copy of Howloween Murder and then sit back and enjoy this newest Melanie Travis mystery.

5 stars