Molly Owens has finally settled down and she’s very happy with her life in Brittany Bay, Oregon. She loves her boyfriend Sam, her friends and her job as editor-in-chief of the Brittany Bay Bulletin.

And there’s extra excitement as a former soap diva is in town to direct the community’s first-ever stage production. But Magnolia Sweet does not live up to her name, so there is a solid list of possible suspects when she turns up dead.

Molly attempts to untangle the mystery of who killed Magnolia at the behest of boyfriend Sam when Sam’s friend becomes the main suspect. All the evidence seems to point in his  direction, although no one who knows him believes the accused is guilty. But danger looms large and Molly is soon in the crosshairs of an unknown killer who won’t hesitate to take another life. The murderer is not about to allow Molly to discover who-dun-it. Will Molly face the final curtain?

Jody Holford has created an appealing cast of characters and it’s enjoyable to get to know Molly, her friends and the town of Brittany Bay. Ms. Holford gives her readers plenty of clues to chew over as you try to figure out who the murderer is from amongst the suspects. Deadly Drama is a great cozy mystery read…perfect for a chilly evening!

4 stars