When Alexis and Sam buy the worst house on the block in an exclusive DC enclave, they think their dreams have come true. They’ll fix it up, make it their own and build their family life there. Sam is on track to become a partner in his law firm and Alexis is on maternity leave with their second child.

Everyone on the block welcomes them and they settle into a routine, albeit challenged by everything the house needs and the stress of two young children.

Then one of the neighbors–successful, attractive, father of three Teddy–is found murdered along a popular riverside trail. Despite the ongoing investigation, any clues dry up and the police make no arrests. Alexis and Blair, Teddy’s widow, become friends even as the neighborhood becomes more and more divided.

And then the truth about Teddy’s death comes out…and nothing will ever be the same again.

What the Neighbors Saw alternates between Alexis’ and Blair’s points of view, and it does take a bit of time to build. But for me it was worth getting to know everyone as the groundwork is laid for the reveal of who killed Teddy and why. Melissa Adelman builds the tension well as the characters’ quirks and personalities are revealed…some in quite alarming ways. Some more in-depth character development wouldn’t have gone awry for some of the supporting cast. But the story flowed well and the author kept the level of suspense building to the finale.

4 stars