FBI Special Agent Tessa Reid has worked hard and overcome many obstacles and she’s feeling at home in the Raleigh field office. When her best friend, Secret Service Special Agent Zane Thacker comes to town on a presidential protection assignment, she’s thrilled to spend time with him again. Even though they’re enjoying their time together, they have a very important job: ensuring the safety of the president.

When secrets from Tessa’s past begin to threaten her present, and perhaps even impinge on her ability to do her job as liaison between the Raleigh office and the Secret Service, there’s danger on the horizon for Tessa and potentially for the president she and Zane are sworn to protect.

Zane, fighting his ongoing attraction to Tessa, is not about to let her face the dangers on her own.

Can they survive the secrets, the danger and still protect the president?

Ms. Blackburn rounds out her Christian suspense Defend and Protect series with an action-packed read in Under Fire. As the tensions increase between Tessa and Zane, you’ll find yourself cheering for them to make all the right decisions.

4 stars