It’s spring in Lake Eden and Hannah Swensen has plenty on her plate…hot cross buns to make, lots of Easter orders to fill at The Cookie Jar, a festive dinner at her mother’s penthouse and then comes the phone call from her sister Andrea that Mayor Bascomb is dead. He’s been murdered, and Andrea was involved in an verbal altercation with him earlier in the day. She’s a prime suspect!

As Hannah digs in to clear her innocent sister’s name and save her from arrest, she discovers there are plenty of candidates for hating the bullying mayor from his wife tired of the constant affairs, any number of mistresses, harassed colleagues, political rivals.

I’ve been a fan of Ms. Fluke and Hannah Swensen for years, enjoying the mysteries, the recipes and the relationships. As Hannah is healing from the disastrous marriage to Ross, her interaction in this book with Norman is sweet and is developing naturally.

I do find the recent inclusion of Hannah’s internal dialogue intrusive and irritating. It seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

I also found the bond between Hannah and Andrea seemed out of sync with their previous relationship where Andrea was always portrayed as Hannah’s equal. In this book, Hannah seems to treat Andrea like a child. I hope they get back on a more even keel.

I look forward to the next offering from Joanne Fluke.

3 stars