From abused child to the queen of home shopping blue jeans sales, Diane Gilman’s life has been filled with challenges and triumphs, setbacks and success. Claiming her biggest business success after passing the age of sixty, Ms. Gilman sets out to encourage readers fifty-plus to live their best life without feeling invisible or irrelevant.

Diane Gilman’s story is impressive as she faced and conquered personal, business and health challenges with optimism, courage and strength. From rocker chick in the 1960s to Jeans Queen in 2022, Ms. Gilman shares it all…losing the love of her life, losing the legal right to use her own name on her designs, fighting breast cancer in her seventies. And through it all, designing clothes from blouses to washable silk fashions to blue jeans for women with real bodies.

The writing is personal and upbeat, seeking to connect with the reader, offering twenty-five tips for a energetic and visible Act 3 of your life.

It’s an easy read and you feel like Ms. Gilman is chatting with you and sharing her secrets and tips. I may just have to check out some DG2 jeans!

4 stars