Lowland Way is the perfect place to live, according to those who live there. With the beautifully cared for homes, neighbors who get along, kids who play together and an active community network, it’s a relaxing refuge from a hectic, stressful world.

Then one of the neighbors passes away and her nephew inherits her property. And life on Lowland Way becomes a very different story.

What would you do to protect your property, your family and the safety of your children? That’s the question Lowland Way inhabitants must now ask themselves. Who can help them—the council, the police, the families themselves? And when tragedy strikes, what is the recourse?

The style of the story takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth the effort. Each section begins with an individual resident’s police report and flashes back in time leading to tragedy, moving forward to the present.

Those People reveals how each resident reacts to those they consider interlopers in their community and each one has something to hide. But who was plotting murder?

4 stars