Stephen Aston is a top heart surgeon and he’s about to get married, but to do so he has to divorce his current wife Pam, who is suffering from dementia, to marry the much younger Heather. Stephen and Pam’s daughters Tully and Rachel have to come to terms with what is happening to their family…and it’s going to take some effort on their parts. Heather’s younger than both of them and they presume she’s after their father’s money.  Heather has secrets of her own…and perhaps Stephen does, too.

The novel follows the build up to Stephen and Heather’s wedding day, and the tragedy that overshadows the event.

Ms. Hepworth does a great job of revealing the family secrets one by one, letting the reader get to know each character and their motivations. The story is told through the POVs of Heather, Tully, Rachel and a wedding guest makes a few appearances with her perspective as well.

The Younger Wife is a good book to put on your summer reading list if you’re a fan of the domestic suspense genre.

4 stars