When Georgina’s seven-year-old son Cody tells his Mom about his “New Granny,” she’s rattled because events and clues points to more than imaginary friend. Georgina’s maternal instinct is on full alert as she comes to believe Cody’s new friend is very real, and a very real danger to him. Georgina’s husband Bren is more convinced that “New Granny” is just an imaginary construct to help Cody cope with the recent passing of Georgina’s mother and his beloved grandmother.

Is Georgina losing her mind? Has her own grief affected Cody so much he’s creating a new grandmother? Or is there someone stalking Cody and Georgina is on the mark to be suspicious.

The Woman Outside My Door started slowly for me, but as the author built the tension, the book really began to move along. You found yourself rooting for Georgina, but wondering if her worries were real or a construct of her own grief. The suspense kept building as the web closed around the family, until the shocking truth is revealed. A very good suspenseful tale.

4 stars