Four women living in a well-to-do area are faced with a nightmare. During a neighbourhood barbecue, Whitney loses her temper with her son and everyone hears her screaming attack on him. Then she has to come out to the back yard and face her friends and acquaintances.

Shortly thereafter, late one night, her son falls from his upper story bedroom window to the lawn below. He’s in a coma and no one knows exactly what happened.

Blair, Whitney’s best friend, suspects everything is not as it seems. Rebecca, the ER doctor who treats the injured boy, has struggled to have children of her own. And Mara, an older neighbour, watches everything unfolding and unravelling around Whitney and the others, while hiding secrets of her own.

For me, while the story was well written and the author’s style is excellent, I couldn’t get invested in the deeply flawed characters enough to root for any of them, with perhaps the exception of Rebecca. The author offered great insights into many issues women confront, but none of these characters took on those issues in a positive manner. I wanted to cheer for them, hoping each one could find something affirmative to achieve or build from. But none of them seemed to find that side of themselves or even really searched for that side of themselves. None of them are women you’d want to be friends with…to count on.

3 stars