Nora Pennington is content with her life in Miracle Springs, North Carolina. She has her bookstore that she runs with her buddy Sheldon; great friends; her Secret, Book & Scone Society; and a new man in her life. She cares about those around her and is an interesting person, who even lives in a refurbished train caboose.

When the boyfriend of Hester, one of Nora’s best friends, asks for her help in setting up the perfect proposal scenario, she’s all in, wanting to help him make it a memorable evening. But Hester has a secret her boyfriend doesn’t know and when someone vandalizes copies of The Scarlet Letter in Nora’s shop, Nora begins to worry her friend is in danger.

Then the body of an unknown man turns up, which complicates things even more. Adding to the mystery, an old book is found on his body, which leads Nora and friends to several other old books, each with a different flower featured on the book’s cover art. Is this somehow linked to any threat to Hester?  

The Vanishing Type features smart characters and a mystery that will challenge you to figure out what’s going on.