When Kieran and Mia return to seaside Evelyn Bay, it’s to help his Mom and Dad pack up their home to move his father to assisted living. It’s a tough return because a dozen years earlier, Kieran’s brother Finn died in an unprecedented storm that also took the life of Finn’s business partner Toby. Kieran has been living with the guilt that the two brought their catamaran out to save him. 

When a body is found on the beach shortly after their arrival, the ensuing investigation brings up a lot of memories from the time of “the storm” and pits family members against one another and friends against friends.

Jane Harper has a real talent for understanding small towns and the people who live in them and writes them so realistically. Her dialogue is tight; her descriptions are clear and visual; her plots keep you guessing; and she has a gift for creating atmosphere. I try not to miss a book by Ms. Harper.

The narrator Stephen Shanahan seems the perfect choice for this novel. His voice suits the tone and mood of the story.

As always, Jane Harper delivers a mystery that pulls you in, slowly plays it out and teases you to try to figure it out.

5 stars