A month after the loss of her infant son, Heather Morique is blindsided by the death of her husband Jahill and his mistress in an accident. She finds herself inexplicably drawn to Jamaica to meet the Arawak Indians, her husband’s people, who worship two ancient gods: Eyrael, their God of Wind and Sea, and his brother Sofiel, the God of Fire and Earth. Each ancient god can shift to an earth animal: Eyrael, a horse; and Sofiel, a bull. The tribe’s current shaman has plans to pit brother against brother, light against darkness, good against evil to become the single deity for the Arawaks to worship.

What Heather doesn’t know is that she’s a witch, and when she inadvertently summons Eyrael, a quest she couldn’t have imagined begins. Even as Heather and Eyrael explore the attraction between them, Heather must learn to use and control her magic skills as she and Eyrael battle the shaman and Sofiel.

For those who like shape shifter paranormal stories, you’ll enjoy spending time with these soul mates while cheering them on in their adventures. The author’s descriptions of Jamaica and of the horse into which Eyrael shifts are detailed and lovely. You hear the hoof beats and feel the heat of the tropics.

4 stars