In this first book in a new series from James Rollins, an unexpected alliance forms to try to save Urth from a coming apocalypse: a young student who foresees the destruction; a prince, second in line to the throne, whose life has been spent in pursuit of pleasure; a thief who comes into possession of a remarkable artifact; a knight, banished by the king, who is called upon for help. This disparate group is hunted by enemies on all sides and are on the run, trying to prevent a coming disaster.

This first book takes the time to set the scene, building the world, establishing the characters and their motivations and the adversaries they face.

I am a big fan of James Rollins, but not of fantasy in general, so wasn’t sure what I would make of The Starless Crown. Once the initial introductions and world-building were done, the action picked up and didn’t let down!

4 stars