When Gabe and Pippa Gerard settle into their seaside house, they discover it has a sinister side. The cliff overlooking the sea has been the site where several people have chosen to end their lives. But since they’ve moved in, Gabe has stepped up and talked several people off the cliff, literally saving their lives.

Then one day, Pippa witnesses Gabe unable to stop a woman and then it turns out he knows her. And Pippa knew her husband. Pippa’s suspicions about what she observed grow and she begins to question many things. As the investigation continues, cracks form in the Gerards’ marriage.

Would Gabe lie about what happened? What did he and the woman talk about that day on the cliff? Why was she there? Did she jump? Can Pippa and Gabe move forward?

Author Sally Hepworth brings a real talent to building the suspense and tension, adding layers through the Gerards’ history and how it is affecting their present and future. See if you figure out the ending!

4 stars