This thriller will have you guessing…and then guessing again. As Emily falls in love, then fights for her happily-ever-after, she takes on a series of challenges that culminate in her fighting for her life and the life of the love of her life.

When Emily meets Adam, things seem perfect…until she meets his family. His mother Pammie and brother James complicate the relationship between Emily and Adam, but they forge forward, becoming engaged and planning a wedding and a future. But things aren’t as they seem and Pammie puts Emily in some awkward situations. She learns about Adam’s former fiancée and starts questioning what part her future mother-in-law played in how that relationship ended.

You will find yourself turning the pages compulsively as the protagonists lock horns, the climax coming down to a final battle between life and death.

I hope Ms. Jones is hard at work on her next novel because fans will be eagerly awaiting what she gives us next!

5 Stars