Jamie Buckby is a “river rat,” one of the water ferry commuters in London. He and Kit ride the same ferry and strike up a friendship through their partners, Clare and Melia, who work at the same firm. Just around Christmas, when Jamie gets off the ferry, he’s met by two detectives who have some questions. They’re searching for Kit, who has gone missing. And Jamie was the last person seen with him.

Author Louise Candlish has written a slow-building (in a very good way), twisting, compelling suspense-filled mystery/thriller. As we watch Jamie’s (and Clare’s) life unravel, is everything as it seems to Jamie? To Clare? To Kit’s wife Melia? To us, the readers?

Ms. Candlish controls the pace in this story with an expert hand and you’ll find yourself stealing every spare moment you have to read a bit more in this winding tale of disappearance, possible murder, infidelity, ambition and jealousy.

I will definitely be watching for more books written by Louise Candlish!

5 stars