Molly Gray is not only the Head Maid at Regency Grand Hotel, she’s literally written the book on being a good maid. Raised by her grandmother (also a maid), Molly has put her skills into being the best at what she does. She may have social interaction issues, but she’s great at her job. 

And when a celebrity author guest drops dead just as he’s about to make a huge announcement to a roomful of fans at the hotel, Molly becomes involved in the ensuing investigation. After all, she knew the victim, J.D. Grimthorpe many years ago when she was a child. Investigating officer Detective Stark is well known to Molly and not exactly Molly’s biggest fan. Was Grimthorpe murdered by a staff member? Is Molly involved? Who holds the key to solve the murder? 

While the author crafted an interesting mystery with lots of potential suspects, I found myself struggling for a good portion of the book to stay interested in Molly, the other characters and the plot. 

And perhaps that is more of a “me” issue than an author issue because the book is written in first person and in a dual timeline. Neither of them is my first preference. 

3 stars