Book cover of The Malta Exchange by Steve Berry

When Cotton Malone and Luke Daniels both end up on the island of Malta, the race is on to discover (or protect) some major secrets in The Malta Exchange.

Malone is on the track of legendary letters between Winston Churchill and Benito Mussolini. Daniels is chasing down information on a cardinal who has left Rome to find an ancient document on Malta that could affect the election of the next pope, even as the cardinals are gathering at the Vatican for a papal conclave. Both will encounter the Knights of Malta, an ancient group in existence for over nine hundred years, although the former soldier monks have now become a humanitarian association. The knights also have an internal organization known as the Secreti, who are determined to keep the 4th-century text a secret.

As all the players return to Rome, the action intensifies. Cotton and Luke have become entangled in the schemes of a rogue cardinal, an historic group of knights determined to protect a secret from the past, a papal conclave, a slice of World War II history and the future of the Roman Catholic church.

Steve Berry never disappoints. There is plenty of historical info, thrilling action and a just plain good read in The Malta Exchange

5 stars