Protect her. That’s all the cryptic note says that’s handed to Hannah Hall when her husband of one year, Owen Michaels, disappears. Hannah knows who Owen means her to protect–her stepdaughter, sixteen-year-old Bailey. And that may be harder than it might seem. Bailey lost her mother as a young child and hasn’t really accepted Hannah into the life she shared with her father.

But protect Bailey, she will…at whatever cost. Hannah is determined to do her best for the teenager, even as she can’t contact her husband and the FBI and US Marshal Service come knocking at her door looking for answers. The company Owen worked for has some serious legal problems and Owen seems implicated. Has he left Hannah and Bailey holding the bag?

Hannah soon figures out Owen isn’t who he told her was, but Bailey may be the only way to figure out the truth…if she can gain her trust and cooperation. The two set out on a dangerous journey to the truth.

The Last Thing He Told Me is an addictive read. Don’t pick it up if you only have a few minutes to read because that laundry will remain unfolded, the lawn uncut! You just won’t want to put it down as you follow Hannah and Bailey on this twisting journey through the past. If they can survive it, perhaps they can build a future as a family.

5 stars