When chef Charlie Goodwin suffers a head injury when a shelf falls on her at work, she sustains a concussion, but also loses her sense of taste and smell…and that puts a real crimp in her job as a baking competition judge. And her success as a judge could lead to her own show on the channel. What’s she going to do?

Charlie calls on her identical twin Cass to come to LA and fill in for her on the show until she gets her senses of taste and smell back. Cass, who runs the busy family bakery in the small mountain town they call home, is struggling with the annual Christmas rush as she tries to get her ex to accept they’re over, so she jumps at the chance to trade lives for a few days. What an opportunity to experience the glitz and glamour of her twin’s life in LA.

And so the plan is in place. As the twins try to negotiate each other’s lives, there are plenty of wrenches thrown into the mix, from a missing phone to a handsome physician assistant to a hunky firefighter.

The Holiday Swap was a sweet read. There were not a lot of surprises and some things that were quite predictable, but the characters and the challenges each twin faced as they negotiated the other’s life were well written.

3 Stars