When two best-friends-forever in their thirties discover their lives are stuck in a rut, the challenge is made. Single mom Ellen Fox’s son is almost set to head off to college, but she overheard him worrying to his friends about what she’ll do when he’s gone because she needs him too much. Her friend Unity Leandre decides she can help Ellen step outside the confines she’s set on herself and makes her a challenge list.

Ellen will work on the list to prove to her son how independent she is, but only if widowed Unity agrees to her own challenge list. Thirty-something Unity hasn’t moved on since the death of her husband and is just marking time until she can move into the seniors’ complex where she does a lot of work with her handyman company.

Some of the challenges are met pretty easily, like a wardrobe update, wearing 3-inch heels, but others will test the mettle of the women as they face what scares them most about moving on and forward in their lives. There are high points and setbacks, but the friends encourage each other to persevere.

The Friendship List is a terrific read…sit back and enjoy getting to know Ellen and Unity and their friends, family, acquaintances and challenges. Each woman is unique and fun, but she has to discover that about herself and, for the reader, it’s a great pleasure to be on the voyage as they discover new facets about themselves, reasons why they were stuck and reasons to move forward and discover the adventures ahead.

4 stars