This third in the Cambridge Bookshop series finds transplanted Molly Kimball in Cambridge, England, working in the family book store Thomas Marlowe—Manuscripts and Folios.  Boyfriend Kieran is definitely capturing her heart and when she’s invited to catalogue his aristocratic family’s amazing library, she jumps at the chance and the extra money. 

But it’s not long before the mysteries start piling up. On their way to a Guy Fawkes Night celebration to meet up with Kieran’s cousin Oliver, a professor at the university, Molly and friends discover a body near the uni, mask in place. It turns out to be a student named Thad, who has been a pain in Oliver’s side, threatening to file a complaint against Oliver. 

Then, while cataloguing the extensive collection, she discovers an original Gothic manuscript — A Fatal Folio by an author using the pen name Selwyn Scott. But who was Selwyn Scott? Why is his manuscript in Kieran’s family’s library? Was Selwyn a family member? And then the rare manuscript is stolen!

The characters in this book, even secondary ones, are well developed and the author makes each fit well within the story. Molly is smart, determined and well suited to being the protagonist! 

This is an interesting mystery and has a story within the story as you read A Fatal Folioalong with Molly. 

There are twists and turns and plenty of suspects for both the murder and the theft, so the reader will be kept guessing. 

4 stars