Fifteen years after Mitch and Abby McDeere exposed the corruption at Bendini, Lambert & Locke law firm in Memphis and ran for their lives, what has become of them? Well, they have twin boys, Abby is a cookbook editor and Mitch is practising law in Manhattan. In fact, he’s a partner in the world’s largest law firm, with all the perks that go along with that. 

When a friend asks for a favour, Mitch finds himself drawn into a dangerous conspiracy that crosses international borders and challenges he and Abby to protect their lives and those of their family. While Mitch’s involvement, worldwide travel and negotiations and danger seemed to flow from the plot, dragging Abby into the action did feel a bit contrived. Maybe writing for the inevitable movie spinoff and a solid female lead story? 

I did enjoy this novel. I appreciated the refresher on what Mitch and Abby had been through, since it’s a long time since the original The Firm for me. There was a little side trip to visit a former colleague when Mitch was in Tennessee that I expected to tie in to the later action and never did, so that seemed unconnected in the end.

John Grisham definitely knows how to tell a suspenseful story, with great pacing and well developed characters. An enjoyable read. 

4 stars