Annabelle and Bayard Van Duyvil seem to lead a charmed life in the Gilded Age. They met in London and fell in love, returning to a privileged life on the banks of the Hudson River where his socially elite family holds sway. They seem to have a fairytale existence – her Tudor English home recreated in New York, wealth, twin three-year-olds they adore and a loving marriage.

But is all as it seems? There are rumors Annabelle is having an affair with the architect who designed their home, Illyria.

When Bayard is found stabbed and dying during a party at their home and Annabelle disappears, presumed drowned in the Hudson, the press jumps on the story. Bayard’s sister Janie works with a reporter to discover the truth, no matter what it might be. Did Annabelle kill Bayard and run away? Did he push her into the river as she was stabbing him? Why did he whisper “George” as he died?

As Janie investigates, more and more questions arise about Annabelle and Bayard and what their lives truly were. There are twists, turns, alliances and heartbreak as the story of Annabelle and Bayard unfolds.

4 stars