When Hanna’s heart is broken by William after their appearance on a popular national reality show The Price of Love, she goes home to Minnesota, hoping the world will forget about her.

Nicknamed Holy Hanna on the show because she’s a Christian planning to save herself for marriage, Will ruins her reputation in one interview. Social media is brutal and the gossip follows her home, invading her life and making her miserable.

After months, just as she thinks perhaps the world has forgotten, Will shows up in the middle of a blizzard, asking her to forgive him and help him save his high-powered CEO job. The only thing is she will have to pretend the engagement is back on and hit the media spotlight once again. Will their feelings for one another resurface as well?

When their plans are sabotaged by a person determined to make sure Will fails, Hanna and her love must find a way to stay together and have a real chance at happily-ever-after.

This is a sweet read with plenty to make the reader think about the ways social media can affect lives and reputations.

4 stars