Sophie Winston is Old Town, Virginia’s expert on entertaining…and a foodie to boot! But she’s between gigs and when a celebrity’s ghostwriter disappears, she’s asked to fill in and finish the assignment.

Sophie had never considered ghostwriting before, but her ex Mars asks her to help former actress and now lifestyle authority Tilly Stratford finish her celebrity cookbook. The fact Tilly is the wife of Mars’ boss, politician Wesley Winthrope, may complicate things, but the paycheck will ensure Sophie can complete her much-needed bathroom renovation. So she steps up and steps in to replace the missing Abby Bergeron, who quit without notice and is now nowhere to be found. What happened to Abby and where did she go?

As the danger increases, Sophie works to determine how someone’s past history has led to two bodies and the discovery of one badly beaten woman. Can she find out if there is any connection and what’s going on before there’s another victim…or she becomes one?

The Diva Spices It Up is a fast read with interesting characters, a plot with enough twists and turns to keep the reader’s interest and some fun recipes.

4 stars