The Christie Affair explores what could have happened when mystery author Agatha Christie disappeared for eleven days after her husband Archie has decided to leave her for his mistress Nan O’Dea.

Presented through the eyes of Ms. O’Dea, the story reveals what has driven Ms. O’Dea and the result those motivations have had on her life, becoming the “other woman,” the “homewrecker” and stepmother to Agatha Christie’s daughter. Her drive to become Archie’s mistress and wife began with a plan.

I found the point-of-view in this novel was a bit disconcerting sometimes. We see things events unfold through Nan’s perspective, but there are personal moments between Agatha and Archie and also when Agatha interacts with other characters when she is missing of which Nan can’t really have first-hand knowledge.

Overall, this was an intriguing tale that kept my interest. Not just historical fiction, there was certainly an element of mystery as well, which is perfect with the involvement of Agatha Christie.

4 stars