When Nicole arrives home to L.A. from her London kidnapping adventure, she doesn’t have long to get her feet under her before she’s trying to figure out who murdered a colleague from the top-flight law firm where she works. And when it’s discovered she is the recipient of a large bequest from this co-worker, she becomes the centre of the police investigation into his death. As she unravels the truth in her attempt to prove she isn’t a murderer, she realizes how much danger she is in from some very powerful people who do not want the truth revealed.

You’ll find yourself racing through the pages as you cheer on Nicole’s efforts to escape the paparazzi, juggle a long distance romance with her English lover and dodge an arrest for murder, as she tries to figure out who murdered her associate and set her up to take the fall…all while trying to outwit the real killer and stay alive!

This second Nicole Graves mystery ramps up faster and keeps the tension flowing even more than the first book did. So, reserve some reading time and curl up with The Bequest and see if you can figure out who is setting up Nicole for murder.

4 stars