When Cassie Aspen leaves her job as a tour guide and settles in Heart’s Harbor, Maine, working at her great-aunt’s tearoom, Book Tea, she finds herself smack in the middle of a decades-old mystery. Monica Walker, a 1980’s TV star, disappeared from Heart’s Harbor under mysterious circumstances, and Cassie thinks solving her disappearance will be a perfect addition to the town’s Fourth of July tea party, where they’re featuring events from the town’s history.

But when Cassie starts to investigate, she finds herself in the middle of a firestorm as the events of the past are catching up the present. Why did Monica disappear? Was she eloping…or leaving her hit TV show…escaping a stalker…or something completely different? Cassie hears different stories from various townspeople.

Then a local is murdered and Cassie decides she needs to solve the slaying. Local police officer Deputy Falk doesn’t agree. Will Cassie be able to figure out what happened so many years ago that’s affecting today’s Heart’s Harbor before there is any more murder?

Cassie is an appealing heroine, and the dance between Cassie and Deputy Falk is fun. Joy Avon creates an interesting mystery and puts plenty of hurdles in Cassie’s way before she figures out what happened and who is involved.

4 stars