During Crystal Cove’s Book Club Bonanza, there are book clubs from all over in town to participate in the events. Everyone is having a great time and businesses are booming. Jenna Hart, local businesswoman, is looking forward to the week’s events, but maybe most of all to her local Mystery Mavens’ travelling dinner. The plan is to enjoy some culinary treats and discuss their latest book club mystery.

This was a good read with no dearth of culprits, any of whom could be the murderer. The author kindly provided a Cast of Characters for the Crystal Cove citizenry, which was a helpful reminder on occasion!

But when one of the participants, the final stop of the evening, is found dead, there are plenty of suspects, including Jenna’s friend Pepper, whose daughter happens to be the chief of the Crystal Cove police department. Jenna decides she must step in and help clear her friend!

4 stars