It’s almost Easter and Melanie Travis is suddenly busy with a new project. Her Aunt Rose, a former nun, has asked her to help with an Easter festivities for the kids at Gallagher House, the shelter run by Rose and her husband.

Rose is not a fan of dogs, which doesn’t endear her to Melanie or to Aunt Peg, who is Rose’s sister-in-law. The two sisters-in-law have never gotten along, but all these differences have to be set aside when Beatrice Gallagher, the shelter’s benefactor (she donated the house for the facility), shows up dead. Beatrice’s children don’t favour their mother’s philanthropy and the shelter is suddenly at risk.

With Rose and her husband in the sights of the investigation, Melanie has to dig in and find out who killed Beatrice.

It’s always a pleasure to sit down with a Melanie Travis mystery and Show Me the Bunny is not an exception. Ms. Berenson has crafted another mystery with plenty of twists, turns and suspects to keep you guessing and flipping those pages.

And if you’re an Aunt Peg fan, be sure you check out the bonus feature at the end of this story!

5 stars