In this collection of stories of rescue horses, you’ll discover the beauty of connection, the kindness of strangers, the luck of the draw and second chances. 

Each horse found him or herself in need of rescue from a variety of situations – rounded-up wild mustangs, horses at kill sales,  racehorses, purebred horses, grade horses, young horses, handicapped horses, and old working horses past the age of earning their keep. 

Their stories feature uplifting tales of second chances offered and are written by the rescuers. Not all the writing is consistent because it’s the rescuers, not necessarily professional writers, telling their stories, but the stories…ahh, they’re chronicles of courage, kindness, love and a second opportunity. And the editor has allowed each rescuer to keep her own voice and tell of her rescue her way. That is so much better than one homogenous “writer” voice because each horse’s and each rescuer’s experience is unique to them. 

Each account is short and you can read the book in one sitting or savor a new chapter each day. This might be great to share with the horse-crazy youngster in your life, perhaps reading a story together daily. 

4 stars