This book is set during sorority Rush Week at Ole Miss (The University of Mississippi) in modern day Oxford, Mississippi. It’s the story of several women, both young and more mature, finding their paths and their voices. It contrasts the stories of women who have enough, not enough and more than enough and how their intersection creates something none of them expected.

The story is told in several points of view, each woman chronicling her narrative as the week unfolds. This isn’t a format that I normally enjoy reading and I did have to make myself keep reading in the beginning, but I’m very glad I did. I was delighted to get to know Cali, Pearl, Ellie, Wilda, Miss Fee…and even Miss Lilith, who arguably may have grown the most of all. Not all of the characters had her own POV and were seen only through the others, but even so, all were multi-faceted women with interesting stories to share.

Rush is an enjoyable read, but it’s also an inspiration to look around and see what you can affect in your sphere of influence to make life better around you.

4 stars