Septuagenarian librarian Cleo Watkins loves her duties as bookmobile librarian in Catalpa Springs. And the fact the Georgia Antiquarian Book Society is holding its annual fair in Catalpa Springs in honor of Cleo’s gentleman friend, esteemed antiquarian bookseller and restorer Henry Lafayette makes life even better.

Everything is going great until a book scout shows up and flirts with some locals, charming them out of cherished books. Cleo’s cousin is one of his targets, duped out of her signed, first edition copy of Gone With the Wind. When the book scout turns up dead, Dot is definitely on the suspect list. But she’s not the only suspect connected to Cleo. The dead man is found behind Henry’s shop and was killed with one of his bookbinding tools. As evidence builds up, Cleo is soon on the hunt for the real killer to clear those close to her. Will she find the murderer before the fair leaves town, taking suspects out of Catalpa Springs?

This cozy mystery gives the reader a glimpse into a close-knit southern town and its inhabitants, some of them facing some pretty difficult circumstances. The author provides enough clues and hints to keep a reader guessing whodunit and enjoying the path as her sleuth tracks down the real killer.

3 stars