Small town librarian Carrie Singleton’s father Jim shows up in her life again after years of being on the lam, which she discovers when she finds him breaking into her home in the dead of night…with a jewel theft hanging over his head. When he asks her to help him recover his share of the 20-million-dollar heist from his partner, local jeweler Benton Parr, she refuses. And he disappears…until she discovers he’s been arrested for Benton’s murder.

And the murders don’t stop with Benton. As Carrie attempts to unravel a mystery from the past that is taking its toll in the present, she finds herself in danger…plus she’s at loggerheads with her insurance investigator boyfriend Dylan, who is hot on the trail of the original jewel thieves.

Add in the library’s resident ghost Evelyn and the library cat Smokey Joe and you have a full cast of characters in this light mystery read.

3 stars