Welcome to the latest Melanie Travis adventure! This time, she’s helping her friend Emily Grace figure out who killed her ex-husband. Melanie’s two boys are at the Graceland School’s summer camp run by Emily, one as a counselor and one as a camper. All is going smoothly, but after the surprise arrival of three Dalmation puppies, gifted to Emily by her ex, strange things begin to happen. And then Emily’s ex-husband is murdered and she’s the number one suspect. Of course, Melanie steps up to help her friend.

It’s always great reading to open the covers of a Melanie Travis mystery. You know there’ll be an interesting mystery to solve, but even more, the author has created a group of characters who feel like our friends, so when their friends (even when they’re new to the reader) are in trouble, we’re really cheering for Melanie to help them out of their predicament.

Pup Fiction doesn’t disappoint with mystery, lots of dog info and including—of course!—a dog show. And this one features Melanie’s oldest son trying to take a major to finish the championship on the Poodle he’s showing.

Grab a warm beverage and curl up with this latest highly readable and most enjoyable addition to the Melanie Travis series.

5 stars