Pizza chef extraordinaire Delilah O’Leary and her group of friends and colleagues are back at it again…solving a mystery in Geneva Bay, not too far from Chicago. 

This time it’s a Prohibition-themed fundraiser for the library at the island mansion of one of the library board members. And being hired to cater the event seems a good off-season money maker for Chef Delilah. 

It all a good time until the winter weather traps everyone on the island, cut off from the world, and the murdered body of another board member shows up at the foot of a flight of stairs. And it’s just the first killing…the murderer is determined to escape, no matter who gets in the way. 

Delilah and friends, including her love interest, police officer Calvin Capone, are left to figure out who is a killer before their numbers dwindle any more. 

Public Anchovy #1 is the third in the Deep Dish Mysteries series and the characters and their relationships are developing more with each story. This author does a great job of creating a good mystery, an intriguing group of personalities and a fun read. 

4 stars