Very pregnant police Sergeant Maggie Blackthorne and her partner Hollis Jones are called to Poison Spring Ranch to investigate the slaughter of a prize bull and subsequently discover the murdered body of the ranch’s owner, popular local rancher Mike Draper not far from the scene of the bull’s death. Draper has been shot in the front seat of his pickup truck and the clues are few and far between.

As Maggie and Hollis investigate, they discover many of the local residents had a reason to despise Draper, including his wife and son. With just a couple of weeks until her due date, Maggie is determined to solve the crime and nab the perpetrator. But it takes lots of miles in the rural area and plenty of interviews.

The author has created an intriguing mystery with a cast of well-developed characters, even the secondary characters. Even the setting seemed to have a character that affected the solving of the crime.

4 stars