Peg and Rose are up to their ears in trouble again! When Rose convinces Peg to sign up for an online dating service, they don’t anticipate Nolan, the man Peg starts to date, will end up dead…and turn out to be a con man with a long list of victims. 

And there are plenty of suspects in Nolan’s death, many of them women who fell for his con. In fact, there are enough of those women they’d formed a club and met regularly. 

Peg and Rose tag team to interview suspects, follow clues and get to the bottom of who killed Nolan and prove it. 

Laurien Berenson has created a fun read, with the tension between Peg and Rose starting to be buffed to softer edges as their relationship grows and develops. It’s great to see each playing to her strengths. 

An entertaining mystery to curl up with on the couch and enjoy. 

4 stars