It seems that it almost has to be that Cymbeline, Georgia hosts an annual Shakespeare festival. And that’s good for business for B&B owner Nina Fleet, until there’s a murder in her back yard.

Nina had planned on a bit of Hollywood when the troupe of actors performing Hamlet booked into her B&B for two weeks, but it didn’t quite turn out the way she expected. The director, well-known actor Harry Westcott, is her adversary…he claims to be the owner of her beloved Queen Anne home through an inheritance. The tension only increases when the lead actor is found murdered in Nina’s formal Shakespeare garden and all the other actors are suspects…with solid motives.

For me, Peachy Scream started off slowly, but once it hit its stride it was a most enjoyable read with twists, turns and danger lurking. Nina comes across as somewhat pretentious and off-putting until you get to know her and then you’re rooting for her to find out who the killer is in their midst before she is the next victim.

3 stars