Penny Brannigan is a businesswoman, an amateur sleuth and a watercolour artist. And she’s very much enjoying an art retreat with a good friend on the island of Anglesey off the coast of North Wales. There is so much to choose to paint, and Penny settles on the lighthouse. And then she discovers a body on the beach, just before the tide carries the young female journalist’s body out to sea.

The autopsy says the victim died from injuries consistent with a fall from a height, but Penny thinks there may be more to it, since the journalist was there working on a story that may tie into a disappearance that’s seven years old. Was it a tragic accident or is there more to the journalist’s death? Penny sets out to find out what really happened on the cliff.

Penny’s doing more than solving a mystery however as she finds herself attracted to  wildlife photographer Colin Campbell. But his work takes him all over the world, so can their meeting lead to more?

There’s mystery, intrigue, suspense and a dash of romance in this eleventh in the Penny Brannigan series by Elizabeth J. Duncan.  

4 stars