Halloween is fast approaching in Chadwick, New Jersey, and when Cassie McGlone, owner of Cassie’s Comfy Cats grooming and boarding business, meets Quentin, the Maine Coon cat who looks more lupine than feline, she’s struck by a great idea to help the local owner of the retro movie house promote a werewolf marathon that’s playing as a lead-in to Halloween. She suggests a werewolf-look-a-like pet photo contest.

Ratcheting up the tension in Chadwick, the local veterinary clinic is burgled and some pretty potent drugs are stolen, followed by an overdose death.

Cassie is dating one of the vets at the clinic, and her boyfriend Mark is scrambling to help police discover how and why the break-in occurred despite the great security they have in place. Is it an inside job? Did someone give private information to unscrupulous criminals?

In order to help out, Cassie and her friend Dawn go undercover at a local hangout, hoping to score some information on who the thieves are. They get a lot more than they were expecting and both are soon in danger.

It’s always a treat to sit back with a novel by Ms. Watkins. She creates believable characters and the plot twists keep you guessing on who it could be. Night of the Were-Cat is no exception and it was great to spend some time with the citizens of Chadwick, solving a mystery and meeting some interesting humans and felines along the way.

5 stars